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Creating A Second Family

Often left alone after losing their mothers to animal poaching and climate change, the number of injured and sick orphans has kept growing over the years. For these four-legged friends, finding a stable environment of rehabilitation is vital – and with your help, we can provide a second herd for them.

Dozen Of Successeful Adoption

Our mission with Discover Wildlife is to give orphaned animals a second chance in life through rehabilitation and focusing on their emotional and physical wellbeing. Our sanctuary partner: Herd in South Africa. Their tireless work helps to integrate each baby animal into their herd, while nurturing them back to health and ensuring that they are not left alone again.

Discover Wildlife Community

I have hope, For the first time in years, I have hope.

Andrea Crosta, Founder of Wildleaks

I take the whole thing very personally. I can't afford to see elephants die like this.

Geeorgina Kamanga, Zambian Wildlife Authority

Traders in ivory actually want the extinction of elephants.

Craig Millar, Head of Security for Big Life Kenya
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