We are always running after money, forgetting that we are not alone on this planet. The Australia wildfire is the proof that we’ve started the apocalypse in this continent. Nature has started punishing us, and this is just the beginning.
Bushfires burning, the national parks destroyed and the Kangaroo Island ruined – this is the direct result of our actions. What more do we need to stop all the greed and hunger for money and start caring for our world? The situation is even sadder: 1 billion animals have died in all these fires, innocent souls who haven’t even asked for us humans to be there. They haven’t hurt anyone and have welcomed us with arms wide open. 
What have we offered them in return? Death and the destruction of their home. They deserved better. We have to act soon, or the whole planet will end up in fire!

The blue mountains are now red. The plains and hills are on fire and million acres are now ashes. We’ve spread across this planet, destroying it step by step.
24 people died in this hell that we’ve created. Nevertheless, an animal life matters just as much as a human one. Everyone has the right to live on Earth. Not just the humans, who seem to think of themselves as the kings of this universe.
Where is the dream that we created both for us and every single being of this Earth? We don’t seem to be caring about anything but ourselves. Our own good and wealth, destroying everything that surrounds us.
We want to thank to every firefighter and person who has tried to save all these innocent beings. Up till now, we have donated over $ 40’000 AUD for Australia. By saving Australia, we are one step closer to saving the planet. Make your voice matter through donations.