Seal Plush
Seal Plush Seal Plush Seal Plush Seal Plush Seal Plush Seal Plush
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Over 1 million baby seals have been beaten and slaughtered by objects such as wooden clubs and guns these last years for their furs, with a complete disregard to their pain and agony. The cruelty mostly affects baby seals: 97% of the slaughtered seals are under 3 months old and were born captive, which means their life ends before it ever really started. Most of these pups often didn’t even get the chance to have their first swim or their first solid meal.

A study by veterinarians found that 82% of seals who are shot aren’t killed immediately by the first bullet. Because the sealskin processing plant deducts $2 from the price they pay for the skins for each bullet hole they find, sealers purely care about only shooting once.

Seals need your help. The profits will go directly to Humane Society International, an organization standing up against all forms of cruelty, including commercial sealing. 


Paying homage to the wonderful work of Humane Society International, this pure cotton seal plush was the 2nd introduction to our collection. From the cute button eyes to the perfectly round shape and flippers, the toy mirrors the sweetness of real-life seals, making it the perfect companion for long-haul flights and mid-day naps.

Please note: Due to extremely high demands the delivery time for this item will be longer. *Orders will get shipped after February 22nd


Colors: White or Grey

Material: Polypropylene Cotton with Polyester Cover

Filling: PP Cotton

Size: 30 CM / 60 CM

Package: 1x Seal Plush