Why should I care about the conservation of the wildlife? - Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970. It is important to protect the endangered species along with their natural habitat. The goal of the wildlife conservation is to ensure that nature will be around for future generations to enjoy. 

More than 1 Billion animals have been killed in Australia's raging wildfires with fears entire species may have been wiped out. Dozen of fires are still burning during one of the worst droughts in history. The catastrophic fires have already destroyed over 14.6 million acres of land. Large numbers of animals have been lost in the fires and there will be long-term food, water and habitat shortages for surviving animals. It is an incredibly difficult time for wildlife and we need your support. The profits will go directly to Wires.org.au Australia to their Wildlife Emergency Fund helping right now wildlife in danger.


What is Discover Wildlife Project? We are a brand featuring, raising and helping the wildlife. Our project is to save the wildlife that is why for every product purchased 100% of profits are donated to save the Australian's Wildlife. Learn more.


If you have any question, please contact us at hi@discoverwildlife.org