Our purpose is to change the world and help the animals

Founded in 2015 by four brothers, Discover Wildlife is a wildlife enthusiast community of over 850,000 people. Our platform was created to start a conversation about nature and wildlife and to raise awareness of how we, both as individuals and a community can make a change. 
In 2019, we decided to use the power of social media to raise funds for charities who support wildlife. This is where the story of our stuffed animals and reusable, stainless steel bottles began. Representing our love and for animals and their home, profits go directly to WIRES Australia, Humane Society and Mwalua Wildlife Trust, charities that are tirelessly working to make a difference.
We only have one mission: changing the world and help the environment with one plush at a time.

The impact of our bottles

When creating Discover Wildlife, we had a positive cycle in mind that starts and ends by the strive to make a change. After learning more about plastic use and its environmental impact, deciding on water bottles was a no-brainer. 
Did you know that over 100 million marine animals are killed by the 8 million tons of plastic that are dumped in the ocean every year? And unfortunately, this is only a tiny percentage of the global plastic binge that so desperately needs a change. Standing up against unnecessary plastic use, our stainless steel bottles offer a more practical plastic replacement alongside functional features such as being leak-proof and durable, yet lightweight.

We believe that together, we can make a real impact on Planet Earth

Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970. The truth is that we can only rely on ourselves as a community to fix this issue and change the world’s views wildlife for the better.
We see endless opportunities to reinvigorate the giving space and reduce friction when it comes to fundraising. There are so many organizations working to make a difference, but the difficulties of continuously raising money can result in a range of unexpected problems. Our goal is to make giving as fun and easy as possible, so everyone wins.
Our positive cycle starts with our bottles and ends with supporting a cause close to our hearts with 100% of our profits from the sales. Discover Wildlife partnered with WIRES Australia to support their work throughout the devastating wildfires. With over 1 Billion animals being affected by the fires in Australia, the organisation’s work is now more crucial than ever.

With your help, we are building a community that leverages the power of social media to transform lives.

Social media is built into the fabric of Discover Wildlife. The more connected we are, the bigger impact we can make. The more connected we are, the louder our voice and actions will become to make a change.
Through these platforms, we have the chance to come together and stand up for the change we believe in.
Through connecting with more and more people, we have the chance to save the billions of animals suffering every year.