4.95$ Monthly Food Program + Exclusive Videos
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4.95$ Monthly Food Program + Exclusive Videos

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We need your help! 

Khanyisa is losing weight and she’s becoming skinny and weak. She’s living off her own body fats, essentially, that’s what is keeping her going, and when those reserves have run out, it’s a very quick path to deterioration.

The solution to saving her life is for her to take Milk Formula. But it costs over $30’000 a year to feed an elephant. At the rate she’s going, we will lose her.

This is the only chance we have of saving her.

While contributing to feed a baby elephant, you'll also get 2 Monthly Videos of Khanyisa exclusively created for you.

Help us save Khanyisa and get Monthly Exclusive Videos.

What's included? 

  • Food and Milk Formula for Khanyisa
  • 2 Exclusive Videos of Khanyisa only for you

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World’s First Bracelet that Saves Elephant Lives

You’re saving Khanyisa

Receive a certificate of your adoption

Wear your bracelet with pride as an everyday reminder of your impact

You're helping a team of Carers that are here 24/7 for Khanyisa

You’re helping the Orphanage for Khanyisa

Receive monthly updates on your orphan’s wellbeing

Meet Khanyisa, The Albino Baby Elephant

Aptly named after her beautiful albino appearance, Khanyisa’s name means “light” or “sunshine”. Although her unique albino traits bring a little ray of sunshine to the everydays of the HERD team, this little girl has been through such a tragic experience. She was found trapped in a snare with severe injuries, with no sign of her herd anywhere. The HERD team took her into their care, giving her a new chance.

Become A Real Life Superhero

As Khanyisa’s wounds started healing under the care of HERD, her curiosity and excitement about life started to grow as well. Her health has been improving every day, and with your continuous support, she can thrive and grow up to be a healthy, happy elephant. 

Adopt Her And Save A Life

By purchasing the Discover Wildlife bracelet, you can adopt Khanyisa and help her continue the journey towards healing and discovering the joys of life. The proceeds from the bracelet support HERD’s efforts towards saving and rehabilitating orphan elephant calves, making you an active part of an important change.

Partnering Directly With Non-Profit

South Africa’s first dedicated elephant sanctuary, HERD opened its doors to provide a unique, adoptive family structure for baby elephants in need. Offering a second chance to elephants who have been displaced due to poaching and land conflicts, the organisation offers unique rehabilitation programs centred around integration. We made the promise to the animals in their care to raise them as long  as they needed help and to prepare them to one day return to the wild. 

Receive A Certificate Of Your Adoption

• 1 Bracelet handmade with love 

• 1 Certificate of adoption

• Monthly updates about your elephant